Increasing employment and employability of youth in Serbia

The goal of this program is to contribute to improvement of employability and employment of youth. The program is implemented as a response to one of the biggest problems in Serbia labour market – long-term unemployment and inactivity of youth.

Supporting growth and development of start-ups and SMEs

One of the most importance conditions for economic development is vibrant and active start-up sector and favourable environment for development of new businesses. BIPS strives to contribute to improvement of conditions for development of new business initiatives.

Development of innovative business solutions and knowledge creation

Innovation and innovative business solutions are engines of both economic and community development. Through supporting development and implementation of innovations, BIPS supports innovative thinking models and accelerates development of the entire community.

Supporting socio-economic and community development

The goal of community development program is to support initiatives which improve social, cultural and every-day life of the community and its members and, thus, create conditions for sustainable economic growth and increase of quality of life.

About us

Business Innovation Programs (BIPS) is a non-profit organization established 2006, aiming to contribute to job creation and development of expertise regarding economic development.

Our vision is sustainable, dynamic and market-oriented Serbian economy, based on innovation, learning and knowledge, providing equal participation and development opportunities for everyone.

We believe that learning is the most important process and that knowledge is the most valuable resource.

Our donors